Stag Creek Anpao (On the trail in New Jersey!)

Anpao embodies the beauty, power, and demeanor of the classic American Bashkir Curly Horse. Anpao’s striking and handsome physique is paired with strength and athletic ability and a willing, eager-to-please disposition. Anpao is calm, composed, incredibly friendly, and super smart.  His composure, athleticism, and willing attitude consistently manifest themselves, whether in the round pen or arena, out on the trail, navigating obstacles, or tracking cattle.


Anpao’s dun markings and smoky coloration are stunning.  His coat is soft and beautiful with a mix of curls and marcel wave. He has a short curly mane and tail, which he sheds much of in the summer, and curly fetlocks.  Anpao is an impressive manifestation of his Warrior/Hammrich and Damele heritage and the Stag Creek breeding program.  Sire: Angel’s Spirit (ABC 3652). Dam: Ebi Huutsu (ABC 3955). See Anpao’s full pedigree.

• Foaled March 11, 2013     • Gelding     • Smoky Bay Dun

• ~ 14.3 HH     • ABCR 4086

• Fourth Place Intermediate Division – Equine Trail Sports Trail Challenge – Morning Star Ranch, Milano, Texas, March 24, 2018 (Anpao’s first competitive trail event!)

• Completed Lundahl Performance Stock Horse Fundamentals Clinic – February 2018




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