SFT True Heart

True Heart is an amazing combination of temperament, personality and form. He is unwaveringly friendly and has proven himself respectful, willing to learn and tremendous fun to ride. True has impeccable Foundation Curly pedigree and a strong Damele background. True’s sire is the highly regarded Skookum Buck (ABC 1668(f)) and his grandsire on his dam’s side is the legendary Spartacus (ABC 237(f)).

SFT True HeartSFT True HeartSFT True HeartSFT True HeartSFT True HeartSFT True Heart

True is also intensely curious and highly intelligent, the result of which is often mischief (e.g., untying his lead rope and opening gate latches). True’s endearing personality is coupled with impressive conformation and size (right at 16HH). True is a stunning silvery buckskin dun, with zebra stripes on his legs. True’s coat has greyed over time, revealing his grey Spartacus gene. His coat is soft and beautiful – thick, curly ringlets in the winter and marcel wave in the summer. He has a gorgeous corkscrew mane, which he keeps all year. He has a full tail of loose ringlets. His fetlocks are curly. Sire: Skookum Buck (ABC 1668(f)). Dam: GF Sparky’s Valentine (ABC 786(f)). See True Heart’s full pedigree.

  • Foaled February 23, 2006
  • Stallion
  • Zebra Dun (Grey)
  • ~16HH
  • ABCR 3644

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