SFT Performance Trail Horses

The trail is where the truth comes out . . .

. . . at SFT Performance Trail, we prepare our horses for the trail and train them on the trail for success in any discipline – the Performance Trail Horse.

Riding on the trail challenges a horse’s skills, intelligence and composure like nowhere else.  Being outside the familiarity and confines of an arena lowers a horse’s responsiveness to the rider and raises its reactivity to sights and sounds.


Just like any performance discipline, in trail riding, whether competitive or recreational, the connection between the horse and rider is critical.  A horse that is responsive and supple on the trail means a better ride — one that is more enjoyable, scores higher, takes you to more places, and is safer.  As a trail rider, you need the ability to control your horse’s body parts independently.  You need to be able to direct your horse with precision.  You need your horse to be collected and balanced.  And, you need the horse to be relaxed and composed.  Incidentally, you need all those same elements in any riding discipline.  Teaching those elements on the trail puts a foundation on a horse like no other.


At SFT Performance Trail, we actively train our horses on the trail using a variety of exercises, objects, obstacles, and terrain.  Training on the trail helps them learn to be composed and responsive at the walk, trot, and canter while navigating brush, obstacles, ravines, and water and confronting wildlife, vehicles, noises in the brush, or whatever else we encounter on the trail.  Of course it isn’t all hard work — there’s always time to enjoy ambling calmly through the woods or riding into the sunset.

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SFT Performance Trail Videos:

SFT Performance Trail Horses – On the Trail

SFT Performance Trail Horses – Obstacles

SFT Performance Trail Horses – Water

SFT Performance Trail Horses – City Slicker Broke

SFT Performance Trail Horses – Soft, Supple & Willing

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