Katalina’s Painted Skye

Skye exhibits the beauty and grace her name suggests. She has had over 100 rides and demonstrates solid composure, intelligence, and a willing attitude. Skye has arena and trail experience at the walk, trot and canter. In addition to Skye’s beautiful Overo markings, she has a wavy mane and long, wavy tail. Her fetlocks are curly.


Skye is a half Curly, half Paint. Sire: Scribbles Ace (APHA 229644). Dam: Rainwalker Woman (ICHO 136-D).  Skye graced us with one of our absolute favorite Curlies: SFT Sundance. Sundance is classic Curly through and through.

• Foaled June 23, 1999 • Mare • Overo

• ~15.1HH • 100+ Rides


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