Apache Gold (On the trail in New Mexico!)

Apache has a gentle nature, solid composure, and willing attitude. His unique palomino pinto markings are stunning and he boasts strong ABCR foundation pedigree. Apache has an athletic build and is a quick learner. He has had over 60 days of professional training and can walk, trot and canter under saddle. Apache’s trot is particularly smooth, his canter is nice and slow, his stops are magnificent, and he is fully responsive with just a light touch of the leg or rein.

Apache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache Gold• Foaled April 30, 2002 • Gelding • Palomino Paint • ~15.2HH

• ABC 3041 • 60+ Days Training

Apache has trail and event experience. He has been a favorite at a number of equine exhibitions and has performed well at local competitive horse shows. Apache won the First Place ribbon in Western Pleasure Walk/Trot (out of 24 contestants) in the Curly/Open Horse Show held in April 2013 in Caldwell, Texas and sponsored by the Texas Curly Riders and Curly Country Ranch. Apache has tremendous potential for advanced learning and performance in either English or Western disciplines and is a great trail horse. Apache’s winter coat is thick, curly ringlets, which he sheds in warmer weather. He has a corkscrew mane, which he sheds in the summer. He has loose ringlets in his tail, which he also sheds much of in the summer. His fetlocks are curly. Sire: DCC Apache Scout (ABC 2412). Dam: DCC Wyoming Gold (ABC 2486). See Apache’s full pedigree. Apache’s price is subject to change based on additional training time and eventing experience.

Apache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache - no-reins trainingApache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache GoldApache Gold - spring coatApache Gold - spring coatApache Gold - winter curlsApache Gold - curly eyelashesContact us with questions See other Curlies for Sale